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Thread: Posting query results

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    Getting query results from PHP back to AJAX

    Hi Folks,

    I have a function that queries my database and collects the expected data. The problem is is I've only seen examples where the data is put on a form via writing the html using the query results using PHP/AJAX.

    My issue is is I have multiple forms that are dynamically generated given user input so there is no 100% assurance that one person will put in the same input as the next. I've created global objects for all the forms and now I want to populate the data fields on those forms with the results of a database query so when the user interacts with any of the forms the proper data will be there.

    I was wondering if anyone has found a way to solve this problem.

    ================ EDIT ====================

    Hi Folks,

    I may have narrowed the problem. When I run: "GET", "getData.php?storeNo=" + storeNo, true );
    var response = ajaxRequest.responseText;

    The response variable is empty but when I run Firebug it shows the result of the query is as I expect.

    I tried to print the result to insantiate the value of the text field I want to test using:

    echo "<script language=JavaScript>"
    echo "cityTxt.value = " . $result;
    echo "</script>

    Unfortunately this didn't work either.

    Thanks for any tips!

    PS - Sorry about the duplicate thread name... my bad
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