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Thread: Recovering Data From Drive

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    Recovering Data From Drive


    Due to some problem on the Hard Drive,i had to reinstall OS in C: Drive keeping all other Drives Intact ...

    After done with installation of Os,i found that on double clicking on one of my Drive (E: -- Last Drive ).. it asks " Disk is not formatted , do u want to format now " , as the drive had vital information i wanted to retrive it. Is there any body who could help me out in a way to retrive this info ??
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    Your question is a hardware question and I claim to know nothing about harware. As such, my answer may be completely off base.....

    Is the E: drive a completely different (physical) hard drive? If so, did it come with a disk and driver that the OS needs to recognize it?

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    Check for settings of hard drive(s) in BIOS. Sometimes BIOS looses info about them and that reflects as no drive/drive not formated error

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