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    Aug 2007

    Combo box form search

    Hi all,

    Very simple problem that I hope you can help with...

    The forms within my database use combo boxes to search and select records. These were made using the access wizard.

    The problem comes when I load the database onto the machines at my workplace (database has been created on a different machine running the same version of Access 2003).
    When I try and use the combo boxes I get a VBA error that says:
    "Compile error:

    Can't find project or library."

    ...and the code won't run.

    I've tried remaking the combo boxes on the work machines. Exactly the same happens.
    This happens on every machine in the office, so I don't think it's a local Access error (whatever that is, might have just made it up...)
    All machines are fully up to date and running the same version as the home PC (Access 2003).
    I've done some testing and combo boxes do work on the work machines (I've made another database and run the wizard and they work).

    I'm very stuck with this and really appreciate any input.

    Thanks alot.


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    What library can't it find?

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    Aug 2007
    Thanks for the reply Hack.

    I've pasted the VB code below and highlighted the line that the dubugger highlights.

    Private Sub Ref_Search_AfterUpdate()

    ' Find the record that matches the control.
    Dim rs As Object

    Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
    rs.FindFirst "[Referral_ID] = '" & Me![Ref_Search] & "'"
    If Not rs.EOF Then Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark

    End Sub

    Does htat tell you what you need to know?
    If not then let me know where I should be looking - sorry for being useless!
    Am wondering if it's simpler to work around the problem (i.e. use an alternative code), but I wouldn't know where to start.


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