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    Apr 2007

    GUI: add listener to treeItem

    Hi, i would like to add checkbox listener to my TreeItem instead to the whole tree (child having checkbox but parents dont) which i code as following:

    Tree tree = new Tree(shell, SWT.NULL);
    TreeItem itemI = new TreeItem(tree, SWT.NULL);
    TreeItem itemJ = new TreeItem(itemI, SWT.NULL);
    TreeItem itemK = new TreeItem(itemJ, SWT.BORDER |SWT.CHECK);

    itemK.addListener(SWT.Selection, new Listener() {
    public void handleEvent(Event event) {
    if (event.detail == SWT.CHECK && !ButtonClik) {
    TreeItem item = (TreeItem) event.item;
    boolean checked = item.getChecked();


    but...then outcome appears is all the nodes do not have check box..can someone help to see where is wrong??

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    What context tells you (or can tell you) that the TreeItem you are adding is a leaf? Can you test for that context and, if true, add the checkbox?

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    Apr 2007
    how to check if it is a leaf and how to add check box? i mean can you give portion of code for me to refer?

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    Dec 2004
    San Bernardino County, California
    I don't know enough about the widgets package to help you with this. I suspect that there is a reason why your "OR"ing of the style is not working and I expect that the reason is that there must be some context switch that allows the program to select one or the other Image which is not being checked or not being set.

    Here is a link to the JDocs site which provides access to all sorts of API documentations, including the SWT.

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