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    DoubleBuffered Question VB.NET

    I have a simple windows form that contains two panels. One of the panels is visible and the other one is not visible. When the user clicks a button the panel that is not visible becomes visible and the one that is visible becomes invisible. My problem is that they draw on the screen extremely slowly even though they contain very few controls. I've looked into double buffering but I can't really figure it out. The few examples I've found either don't explain it in detail and throw errors at me faster than I can read them or just don't work at all. Does anyone know how to double buffer a panel in VB.NET 2005?

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    Nevermind. I figured it out. The panels were set to transparent for some reason. I changed it and now they display correctly. Never knew panel transparency slowed things down like that. Wow it was a huge difference.

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    Did you set Doublebuffered property in the property grid for your form to True?
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    Yes but it made no difference. As I said it was due to the panels having their background color set to transparent (I'm still not sure how that happened as I don't remember doing it). After changing the color to something other than transparent the problem went away.

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