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    Importance of Java Parallel Processing Framework(JPPF)

    JPPF is a generic framework for parellelizing computation-intensive applications.
    The goal is to make these applications run faster by spreading their execution over many machines in parallel.
    To achieve this, JPPF provides a set of ready-to-run components that are executed on each machine and allow them to communicate with each other, thus forming a network of machines called grid.
    It also provides an API, to help decompose an application or algorithm into atomic tasks, which can be executed independantly and concurrently, and submit these tasks and obtain the results of their execution.

    JPPF does not divide an application into parallel tasks, there is no magic. However, it provides an API and a set of documentations, in the hope that it will make it easier for developers to parallelize their application code.

    Please feel free to post your own comments regarding this topic.Thank You.

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    Is it same as to what we call "Application Farbric".
    "Appistry EAF" is one of the popular framework for providing a software-based environment for running large-scale, time-critical applications on commodity-grade computers, without sacrificing dependability or manageability.

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