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    Problem in data report?

    1. I have created a report using Data Reports / Data Environment showing data from two different tables. The report is working fine in one system (office) and not working in another system (at my house - Getting "Invalid Data Source" Error). Should I make any references etc. Anybody Help.

    2. While filtering the report I have got access only to the fields of the Master table. Whereas in the Data Environment the fileds of the child table are not available

    Ex: Table1 - Field 1, Field 2 Field 3 } Master -linked by Field 1
    Table2 - Field1, Filed 2 field 3 } Chiled - linked by Field 1

    DatEnv.recordset.filter=(Table1.field 1='value') ' Works
    DatEnv.recordset.filter=(Table2.field 1='value') ' Table2.field2 is not displayed while coding

    Urgent solution please.

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    Oct 2007
    you must re-configure your data environment for the data source should be change because the location of the data is change because you move from pc to another...
    hope it works....

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