Killing Thread in java

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Thread: Killing Thread in java

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    Killing Thread in java

    Everyone says how to kill thread voluntary . But I want to know how to kill thread from other application.
    I have thread with run method is something like follows.
    Class MyThread extends Thread{
    Public void run(){
    Calling method ………> this method may take several hours to finish his execution

    Please suggest me a solution to kill an object of this thread before it finished it execution.
    This method call one time and this wont useful for me
    Public void run(){
    Calling Method………

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    istanbul / Turkey
    if thread is not cooperating,
    there is only one way: use Thread's stop() method (which is deprecated.)
    as i understood, unsafety arises:
    - when you use same object inside some threads,
    and one thread stop ungracefully (it unlocks monitors),
    so other threads are allowed to use object,
    other threads may encounter incomplete state of this object.

    at least one of these conditions meet, to use stop() should be safe (?i am waiting comments):
    - stopped thread do not share any object with other threads.
    - all shared objects (stopped thread uses) dont hold state.
    - all shared objects (stopped thread uses) are immutable.

    i hope it helps, as a start point to search more.

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