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    Unhappy How to make a hierarchical structure Class

    hi friends ...

    i'm intending to make an application with visual basic 6.0

    the application will solve some design proplems of civil enineering like design a beam , columns

    and also to make a workshop drawing through the program by programming AutoCAD

    to make this i'll make a ActiveX.dll component

    to collect some useful functions of math, registery and so on

    i want to make a parent class named sceeda

    inside the activeX.dll component

    and other classes like Math , Design, and so on

    my question is :

    ho to make a hierarchical structure fashion so i can call the math class from the main class Sceeda

    in other words ...

    what code i write inside the ActiveX.dll allowing me to call a function in the Math Class from sceeda Class like this :


    where :

    Sceeda :
    the main class in the ActiveX.dll and have no functions ( the class is nearely empty)

    the class i wrote the function or procedure called CalculateAverage

    how to make a relation between 2 classes

    i don;t want to call the math class directly from my application like this :


    N.B :

    i'dont want to make inheritence

    but something like aggregation

    any one help me please

    so many thanks

    urs maximas

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    Portland, OR
    Create an ActiveX DLL project (SceedaUtility). Add a new Class module (CSceeda). Add the following code to the class:
    Option Explicit
    Public Math As CMath
    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
        Set Math = New CMath
    End Sub
    In the Properties Window, set the CSceeda class' Instancing property to MultiUse or GlobalMultiUse.

    Now add a second Class module to the project (CMath). Add the following code to the class:
    Option Explicit
    Public Function CalculateAverage(Values() As Double) As Double
        Dim Result As Double
        ' Calculate average here
        CalculateAverage = Result
    End Function
    Set this class' Instancing property to PublicNotCreatable. Compile the project to build the DLL.

    Finally, open or create the client project. Set a reference to your new SceedaUtility DLL. In your client code, do this:
    Dim Sceeda As CSceeda
    Set Sceeda = New CSceeda
    Dim Values(4) As Double
    Dim Average As Double
    Average = Sceeda.Math.CalculateAverage(Values)
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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    Sep 2007


    working 100 % successfull

    thank u sir Phil

    urs maximas

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