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Thread: VB6: Student Information Unfinnished Database.

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    Oct 2007

    VB6: Student Information Unfinnished Database.

    hi i am here again, lol! this time im workin on a database. A working database i am using ACCESS 2003 for my database. I am doing this database to share it to my friends upload it here so everybody can use it.
    This is a School Student Information, you can add, edit, search and view students information.
    But i cant seem to make it work right huhu! The hardest part for me is this take a look at the SNAPSHOT i mean my interface:


    Yes, i am doing right when it comes on recording data of a student or editing, when i add an information or new data i wanted to fill the combobox named combo1 to be populated with subjects depending on GRADE LEVEL for example in grade 1 i want it to have 2 subjects or lets just say on every grade level there will be 2 subjects each and then when i click on a certain subject, the following txtbox will be populated: txt1st, txt2nd, txt3rd, txt4th so it can have information on grades for that student on the specified subject.


    student #1

    i click combo1 (the combobox that contains subjects)
    and choose subject 1

    grade info will be shown in txt1st, txt2nd, txt3rd, txt4th

    and when i choose another subject on the same student

    another data will appear.

    pls. help me, i just want to share, what i have and learn from it too.

    and pls. use basic coding as possible so newbie like me could easily understand the flow.

    My database Source code is free to go. Just download it from here


    and update it or analyze and of course make it work not only for me but for the rest of the users.

    --> http://www.freewebs.com/dirtydoug08/dbase.rar

    thanks a lot and sorry if i posted it on a wrong section or if i asked too much!

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    Oct 2007
    waah is this for real? well im doing a project too..and this thing is what i think will save my life.. im searching whole day trying to get information... how to make database using access with simple coding.. argh all i can find is ssql scripting but i dont have any idea how to use those kind of scripting... can i download this source code and study it? and make some changes

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    Oct 2007


    hi, yes you can download it.. but its not done yet i am really having trouble here i cant make it work if i add additional fields it will certainly make my table filled to the maximum, huhu what should i do!? sigh... should i separate it, or what!? gawd pls. i really need help...

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    I'm not completely certain I understand the issue of adding more fields.

    How many records do you have in the database now?

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