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    Best general purpose DHTML/AJAX strategy library?

    We haven't done much with AJAX but are looking to start adding some "smart" client interface functionality to our site. There are several core libraries available for AJAX and visual effects, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Does anyone have any recommendation on a library to rely on for general purpose use that is helpful enough to enjoy and be productive with coding in Javascript, is generic enough to be able to at least assist in virtually any DHTML/AJAX need, but is adequate enough to forget about all the other libraries?

    Obviously Prototype is near the top of our list, but then so are jQuery and, for its vast implementation feature set and great documentation, the Yahoo! User Interface library. And then there are several others I haven't even hardly heard of.

    Honestly I suppose there is perhaps no such thing as "best" in situations like these, so much as "bias". So I'd really like to hear the biased opinions too, as well as simply "I use x".
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