We are facing a weird problem currently.

We have a web-application developed using Oracle JDeveloper and we package the .war file and deploy it on Weblogic 8.1.

The JDeveloper is properly configured to jdk1.4 version same as the one supported by Weblogic 8.1

We are using Ajax in our application.

The problem lies with the AjaxTags - as soon as <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/ajaxtags.tld" prefix="ajax"%> is included in a file, the screen(webpage) fails to display. Without it, the screen displays properly (but obviously the ajax side of things won't work).

The devlopment server that we deploy it on has the same configuration as our local Weblogic sever setup.

The code works fine on local Weblogic but fails on Development server.

Also one thing that we observed was that I have 2 completely different local Weblogic setups here - one using JRockit, and another using Sun's JDK.
Only the JRockit version works.The Sun version fails.

Can someone please help us on this.

Thanking in advance