Hi All

I have created a server Web Service called LoanCalcService in VS.NET 2005, the folder contains LoanInfo.asmx that when run creates the Web Service, WSDL. Which works good.

Now i need to send a request to the Web Service server and get a response from the LoanCalcService that it provides. To do this i must create a client in another language. I am doing this in JAVA in the Eclipse platform.

I have tested the WSDL with the web service explorer that comes with eclipse and the program works good. But when i run the Java code in Eclipse i get this Error

HTTP Status 404 - /WebServiceProject/WEB-INF/classes/localhost/LoanCalcService/LoanInfo_asmx/LoanInfoLocator.java


type Status report

message /WebServiceProject/WEB-INF/classes/localhost/LoanCalcService/LoanInfo_asmx/LoanInfoLocator.java

description The requested resource (/WebServiceProject/WEB-INF/classes/localhost/LoanCalcService/LoanInfo_asmx/LoanInfoLocator.java) is not available

Can anyone tell me please what i am missing please.

Thank You beforehand