Don't really know what to use in this situation...

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Thread: Don't really know what to use in this situation...

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    Don't really know what to use in this situation...


    I am a java software engineer but new to web development. I have a project that involves the use of <select> dropdowns that needs to be updated.

    The user has to be able to select a year in a first dropdown and it should automatically filter all the other dropdowns using this year parameter. Right now, it's a php/mySQL and I have a feeling that reloading the page with a new param everytime will be very costly.

    What I would implement is something like loading the whole content when the user opens the page and them having a client based filtering of the <select> dropdowns.

    Am I being clear? Is AJAX what I am looking for?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Welcome to DevX

    If the requirement is to have the page filtered by a selected year, then that sounds like something you could do with standard ASP.
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