i'm badly stuck with the problem in using list control in mobile web form.
Problem actually occurs when we download something using list control items as hyperlinks in the event of data binding, then for storing the records in the database through insert query, it adds all the values of the list control in database but not only the selected record which we download.

Second way which i have used to download the file in the other event of list control i.e List_itemCommand by using the command Response.Redirect n passing the address of the file in that n in this case the query runs fine n inserts that particular record in the database and both things work fine when we run the code through PC browser.

But problem occurs when we run this code through mobile it does'nt download the file n shows File format unknown. but in the first case when we downloaded the file in list_Databind event with the function e.ListItem.Value , the file was downloaded correctly on mobile phone also.