I feel foolish asking for help on this, but I just can't seem to get the text
in my label control (System.Windows.Forms.Label) to simply align properly.
When I set the TextAlign property to MiddleRight, the text is indeed lined
up in the middle, but NOT on the right, depending on the size of the text
I put in the label.

IE: I have six labels that I have sized exactly the same, positioned top
to bottom on the form and right-aligned. The only difference in the physical
controls other than the names is the text that they hold. However, depending
on the length of the text in the control, the text appears to get dynamically
"re-aligned" inside the control. The longer the text is, the farther to the
left the text moves within the control. So here's how the text looks when
I run the form....I'll attempt to give the best perspective I can in this
text-based window:

Employee ID Number:
First Name:
Last Name:

Again, all six controls are the same size and have the TextAlign property
set to MiddleRight. What the heck is the problem?