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Thread: Ajax ComboBox

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    Ajax ComboBox

    I've 3 comboboxes(Country,State,City).
    In this wat i needed is if i click on any particular state it has to filter the cities and display only the cities related to that state.the same with country.
    pls help me out how can i do this?I need the code in asp.net C#
    thnq in adv
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    Welcome to DevX

    Well, before you can code that, you need to have ALL these cities stored somewhere. That assumes a database.

    What database are you using?

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    Not .net, but the logic would be the same. This is adapted from my code, so it may not work 100% without a few tweaks:

    This really isn't AJAX, is it? Seems like regular old DHTML to me. Anyhow, ...

    Assumes that you already have the country, state, city values in some type of arrays named:
    myCountryArray (values: myCountryArray[0] = "US", myCountryArray[1] = "CANADA", etc.)
    myStateArray (values = myStateArray[0] = "US", myStateArray[1] = "OHIO", myStateArray[2] = "US", myStateArray[3] = "IOWA"
    myCityArray, etc.

    1. setup the dropdowns with onchange events:
    <select NAME="lbCountry" onchange="fillState()"></select

    2. setup functions for the onchange events:
    function fillState()
    var CurCountry = new String("");
    var SelectedState = new String("");

    SelectedState = document.all("lbCountry").options[document.all("lbCountry").selectedIndex].value;

    // be sure the drop down boxes are empty before we start filling them.
    for (var i = document.all("lbState").length;i > 0;i--)
    document.all("lbState").options[0] = null;

    //Fill the State dropdown from the new array (loaded from SQL)
    for (var i=0; i < (myStateArray.length / 2); i++)
    CurCountry = myStateArray[i*2]
    OptionValue = new String(myStateArray[i*2+1]);
    OptionDisplay = new String(myStateArray[i*2+1]);
    if (SelectedState.indexOf(CurCountry) != -1) {
    //optional: this checks a session var to see if the item should be "selected"
    if (OptionDisplay == "<%=(String)session.getAttribute("SessStateDesc")%>" || (i == 0) ) {
    var optionHTML = new Option(OptionDisplay, OptionValue, false, true)
    } else {
    var optionHTML = new Option(OptionDisplay, OptionValue, false, false)
    var length = document.all("lbState").length;
    document.all("lbState").options[length] = optionHTML;

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