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    how to delete entry in a database through java servlet run in eclipse??

    Hello , I need help editing this java code which aims to delete an entry from a database run by mysql. this code will be run through eclipse. I already tried to edit and made sure all variable names and types were correct but it just would not work. Please help! thanks a lot!!!

    public String delResolution(int id)
    ConMan con = new ConMan();
    Statement stmt = con.logOn().createStatement();
    String msg = "";
    String sql = "delete from ledger where id="+id;
    if (stmt.execute(sql))
    msg = "Delete failed";
    } else
    msg = "Delete successfully";
    return msg;

    catch (SQLException e)
    return "Delete. SQL error " + e.getMessage();
    catch (java.lang.NullPointerException ne)
    return "<p>Null error: " + ne.getMessage();

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    Welcome to DevX

    Does it return an error or just not work?

    (Also, please do not post duplicate threads in different sections for the same question. Thanks. )

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