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Thread: photo game

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    Jan 2008

    photo game

    I'm in the end of a photo game project and need some help:

    Form1 with picturebox1 that show photos randomly
    rnd to show photos on standart position
    rnd2 to rotate photos 180 degree
    when we click on the photo showing in picturebox1 and send you to
    Form2 with rtf that show de description of the photo ( every photo had 2 descriptions 1 for standar position and 1 for rotate position)
    up to here are fine but the difference are the description of the photos has no control when rotate or not...

    I need code to control the description of the photo when showing rotated 180 degree
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    What do you have so far that isn't working?

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    Jan 2008
    so far so good
    I had two randoms
    rndobject to show pictures randomly
    rnd2 to show pictures randomly rotate
    if I click picture box open a form with desciption of that picture
    up the here good
    I need some line of code to know when I click the picture that are rotate180 degree
    let say pic01 showing in picture box in normal position - click on it and open a form with RTF description: "Lucky number 8"
    but if pic01 showing in picture box rotate180 degree ... description: "Lucky number 17"

    so far no problem - open forms ect the only thing is to make the soft to understand the difference when rotate o not!

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