Simple Login Application

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Thread: Simple Login Application

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    Simple Login Application

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Java Servlets and I just want to ask help on how to do this particular exercise.

    1.) Create a project in Eclipse. Name it ServletActivity 1 – Login Application.

    2.) Create an HTML file which accepts a Username and Password. Name it “input.html”. Add a “Submit” button inside the HTML. Enclose the Submit Button and User Name and Password field inside a form. See Screenshot 1.

    3.) Create a java servlet class and name it “”. This servlet should be called upon clicking the Submit button in input.html. This servlet should display “Welcome <Username that the user entered in input.html>” (See Screenshot 2). If the user did not enter any username or password, display an error message (See Screenshot 3). Use response.getWriter() to output your responses. Use also request.getParameter(..) to retrieve the values of username and password from input.html.

    4.) Configure your servlet in web.xml. Deploy and test the application.

    Screenshot 1:

    Screenshot 2:

    Screenshot 3:

    I know this sounds too simple for you, but I really don't have a clue on how to do this. I already have my Eclipse setup with JBoss server. Thanks in advance!

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    What have you got so far, and what are you having problems with?

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