how to save data into free format file or txt file

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Thread: how to save data into free format file or txt file

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    how to save data into free format file or txt file

    hi....i'm quite new to vb. just wanna ask 1 question here. how can we save data from a table of an access file into a text file or what ever format it is, that will look like these....

    ordinary text file saved from a report ( 3 columns )
    name id gender
    john 67435 male

    what i am looking for will look like these

    john67435male <--- without spaces in between

    i've tried using datareport in VB but i still cannot do it.maybe there is another way.

    if someone out there have a knowledge on this, please share it with us. thank you.

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    Welcome to DevX

    Do you have a query written that will retrieve the data for you?

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    use :
    Open FileName for OutPut as #1
    print, #1, "someStringsOrMaybeVariable"
    close #1

    after print #1, (..) you can put strings, maybe a variable : print #1, varname ... maybe for multilines you need :
    print #1, strVar & vbcrlf
    print #1, strTwo & vbcrlf
    close #1 ...
    hope this can help
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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