VB2005Express with Microsoft SQL Express (how to connect remotely)

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Thread: VB2005Express with Microsoft SQL Express (how to connect remotely)

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    Post VB2005Express with Microsoft SQL Express (how to connect remotely)

    I've read the articles that I could find here and elsewhere on the web and still having a hard time finding answers on connecting remotely. I'm reading that Express cannot connect remotely and then reading that it can, etc etc.

    We have a client / server network at our office. (5 computers, 1 server) All XP Pro sp2 (yeah i know)

    I have Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition installed on a client computer for programming, and then the sql server express installed on the server computer.

    From reading the other articles, I have the firewall set and sharing (along with the sql browser setup right.

    Problem is figuring out the visual basic part. I want to know.

    (1) How do I use the database explorer/data connections to add the remote database to my project so I can see it listed on the left column window for drag/drop needs into the project

    (2) If this is possible, then do I select 'data connections' then 'add connection' then in the choose data source window to find the remote sql server?? Because that area only links to 2 files (access or sql database file).

    (3) is there anyway to change the ".\SQLEXPRESS" link in the 'data source' window of #2 above?? Is it changeable from that window or is there another way I'm suppose to do this? reason asking, I can't change it from that window. it doesn't let me type anything there.

    Hopefully this isn't too confusing and someone has heard of a solution. Thanks for any help.

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    Hopefully you will find this MSDN Blog helpful.


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