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    Rich(er) Text Box alternatives?

    I'm scoping out a project which will demand some sort of enhanced text box.

    Most of the criteria can be satisfied with a Rich Text Box (Underlining, sub/super scripts, varying font size, etc.).

    But there are a couple of issues which will be a little more advanced (rollover pop-ups for certain words/symbols in the text box, possible multiple underlining, colored underlining, maybe something similar to the "bubble notes" that appear in the margins of some Word Processors, etc.).

    I've been unsuccessful in Google searches in this department, but:

    a.) Does such a Class already exist?
    b.) If not, how should I approach this? Would it be possible/feasible to overlay graphics onto a text box, or do I need to start this from scratch extending the Graphics class? That, obviously, seems like a lot more work after I implement the scrollbars, editing capabilities, etc.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Take a look at


    and especially the TextSamplerDemo.

    Most likely your needs will be met by using a JTextPane

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    Nice articles.

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