I've got a new version of software that I've just been trying to test on one of my home machines that uses Windows XP Home Edition. The software is installed successfully and runs successfully but when I attempt to open any document using the software (which basically corresponds to opening a record in a database), I get Runtime Error '48' 'Error Loading dll'. This only happens on this machine though. On our test machines which use WinXP Pro (SP2), the error does not occur and I also tested on my sister's machine which uses WinXP Pro as well (although not clean) but its also fine as well.

I also tried using an older version of our software (which uses DAO and Access 97) on the WinXP Home machine and this works fine but when upgraded to the new version (which uses ADO and Access 2000) the problem starts occuring.

I've had a look on the internet with little success. Anyone got any ideas what this problem could be caused by? (although from what I've said here its a bit of a needle in a haystack problem!)