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    About making digital Clock in vb6

    Hi,I want to make digital clock by using vb6. It's easy to draw three hands on the clock by using "Picture1.Line()-()".But my students want to draw these hands more nice-looking so they want to draw these using image tools.That's problem I met how to load the special images because these picturebox with one end fixed and the other end movable. Please give them some guide for it. thank you a lot.

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    I found a sample project for rotating an image with anti-aliasing. It is located on Planet Source, here is the link: http://www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb...11131&lngWId=1
    It should be a good place to start.

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    And we have an example right here on DevX.

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    If you read his post again, he is trying to draw hands on his clock, which means he is actually creating an Analog clock rather than a digital clock. So your DevX example, which only prints the time in a label, is not what he is looking for.
    The sample I gave shows you how to rotate an image, like the hands of his clock, but to apply anti-aliasing to smooth out the edges for a better looking result rather than just redrawing the hands at a different angle. This way he can create as fancy a set of hands as he wants.
    He could probably use a good routine to merge the hands with his clock face image. I didn't have an example handy for doing that, but I am sure they are out there and I can find one if he needs it.

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