I got an error message when I tried to add a reference of a .net component
to my solution:

Cannot copy assembly 'MyDNA.Common' to file 'C:\Program
Files\MyDNA\bin\MyDNA.Common.dll'. The process cannot access the file
because it is being used by another process

It looks like that VS IDE tries to copy the file "MyDNA.Common" to the direcotry
of "C:\Program Files\MyDNA\bin\" where the dll file is already there. As
a result, the copy is failed.

More interest thing is that if I remove the added reference from my solution,
VS will remove the dll file and all the dependency dll files as well.

It is a very frastrating problem. I can't add the reference and I have to
rebuild other dll file each time when I remove the reference. How can I avoid
copying dll and add the reference correctly, as well as disable VB removing
dll files?

D. Chu