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    notify when update / insert

    there is any way to a bd notify the user by creat a file or send a e-mail or even connect to a ip and send a message when any record is changed ( update/insert/delete)
    i have seen a event called triger but i donīt know if is that what i want and i think this event canīt do what i need.
    any one can help me?
    thanks a lot

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    How is the UPDATE being done?

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    It depends on the database you are using. SQL Server has provisions for such things, while Access does not.

    If you are using SQL Server, a trigger could probably be used, but it might be hard to code, since triggers are typically SQL commands that you want to execute after an operation.

    I know that you can set a way to send a message from operations on an SQL Server database (at least in the 2005 version), because it was part of the design of a database I worked on recently. But that type of operation was handled by the DBA, not by the programmer (me).

    If you are the DBA, look up Books Online for "notification". Otherwise, ask your DBA.
    Jacques Bourgeois

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