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    Mar 2008

    need help for java questions

    hello evryone i need help for following java program plzz anone help me for this

    1-write a Java program to count 1 to 1000 numbers using 10 threads

    2-write a program that accpets a natural number of 4 digit as input and prints out all possible permutations of the number

    write a recurssive program in Java for the greatest common divisor(GCD).given two postive integers,the GCD is the largest integer that divides them both

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Welcome to DevX

    We aren't going to write your code for you, but we will help you write the code for yourself.

    What have you got so far?

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    Apr 2008

    Hello Farah

    please send me solution fr

    Suppose that you have to computerise your study centre which organises the weekend classes for computer programs (theory as well as practicals) and also gets assignment evaluated.

    (i) List all-important classes, their data structure and other attributes, in a language similar to Java Programming.
    (ii) Draw an inheritance diagram for the entire application, which should comprise of base classes and sub-classes.
    (iii) Write a pseudo coded of at least 3 methods


    Write a program that accepts a natural number of 4 digits as input and prints out all possible permutations of the number.


    ANS 7

    Write a java progran to count 1 to 1000 numbers using 10 threads?

    class Number

    private int ctr = 0;
    synchronized void cnumber()

    ctr = ctr = 1;

    void print()
    system.out.println("NO :" + ctr);

    class Num estends Threads
    Number NN;
    Num (Number NN)
    this.NN = NN();

    public void run()
    for (int I = 0; I<1000; I++)

    catch {Exception e)

    public static void main (String args[])
    Number NN= new Number();

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    Apr 2008


    Farah, If you were able to get a solution to the questions, please send the answers to me as well.

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