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    Lightbulb Display of different results from same table

    Hi all,

    I have three tables Manufacturer,Model and Variant where Model references Manufacturer and Variant references Model. The scenario is, I have two pages namely: newCars.jsp and usedCars.jsp. Both the pages use the above tables to display data in them.

    Now a real life situation may arise where some model or variant of some manufacturer is out of market in which case i do not want to display that model or variant in my newCars page. whereas i always want all the models and variants to be displayed in the usedCars page. How can i solve this problem as both the pages use the same tables to display their data. I would appreciate any help in this.


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    Welcome to DevX

    Wouldn't this be a matter of how you query your database tables?

    How do you display the information now?

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