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    Greg Rothlander Guest

    Using XMLDocument with XML namespaces

    I am using VB.Net to write a conversion class from an XML document to a ASCII
    delimited string in order to import data into an existing applicaiton. I'm
    just converting XML data to the format that the app is already using. It's
    pretty strait forward and I've considered using XSLT to do this. At this
    point I'm just doing the conversion via DOM commands in VB.Net. However,
    I'm trying to perfrom a SelectSingleNode() and I can not do so for anything
    after a number of namespaces are defined. If I remove them, it works fine.
    If I leave them there, the SelectSingleNode() commands fail. Here is a
    sample of the XML...

    ?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?Label MYRMB|RESERVATION|617378|NEW?>
    <Reservation xmlns="reservation.fidelio.1.0" xmlnsf="profile.fo.1.2" xmlns:udf="udf.fi.1.0"
    xmlns:udfdef="udfdef.fi.1.0" mfShareAction="NA" mfReservationAction="NA">

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    Greg Rothlander Guest

    Re: Using XMLDocument with XML namespaces

    My browser just had an issue and didn't let me finish. It seems to have double
    posted this. Sorry!

    If you have any suggestions please let me know. I'm going through documentation
    regarding the use of these namespaces, but I would rather just ignore them
    if possible. My current solution is to remove them, but I would rather find
    a better way to handle this.

    Any information, suggestions, or help would be very much appreciated.

    Greg Rothlander

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