I am creating a database in Access 2007. I have downloaded VB2008 Express edition off th enet. I would like to know if it is simple to use VB as a front end to communicate with the Access Database? and how can we do that.

I would also like to discuss about my database:

I am working on creating a database for a Robotic machine that prepares syringes. The database will include all its part numbers and part information. The way we have it right now is on simple excel file with different levels for different part numbers. Eg: the main system is on level 1, its sub-component is on level 2, and its sub-sub component is Level 3.

I need to find out a way how to make a database on Access or SQL Mgmt Studio Express and use some other software (of which we will grant access to users) to display/add/edit the database. The end user will be our technician and our internal engineers, who can see the database, update the part number (to be installed or removed) for its relevant system (Robot).

What I have done is.. I created a database with a master table in which I got
UniqueID (Primary key), PartNumber, PartName, Quantity, ParentID (that contains the parent of the respective partnumber)

I want to create another table that autogenerate values from the relationship between parentid from master table.. I want it to link with its child abd create relationships. I am unsure as how to do it.

Thirdly, in future, if we want to enter more items or delete old ones, the relationship table should remove all relationship from the table (save it in a table) and make new ones as required.

Eventually I want the user to view the information on VB (to make it more interactive).. if u have better options please let me know..

I will really appreciate if I can get help on the above topics..