javascript: validate radio button

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Thread: javascript: validate radio button

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    javascript: validate radio button

    I am just wanting to check to see if either radio button is selected. Right now, if they select yes, then the errMessage doesn't display, which is want I want. However, if they select no, if will. I only want the errMessage if they don't select either yes or no. Any suggestions would be appericated.

    Here's the basic code:

    function doSubmit()
    var errMessage=""
    if (!document.applynow.cemp1.checked)
    errMessage = errMessage + "\n - Please answer if employer 1 of Employment History is your current employer.";
    if (document.applynow.emp1position.value=="")
    errMessage = errMessage + "\n - Please enter your last position title of employer 1 of Employment History.";
    if (errMessage != "")
    errMessage = "The following filled need to be completed" + errMessage

    <form name="applynow" action="thankyou.asp" method="post">

    Is this your current employer:
    Yes: <input type="radio" name="cemp1" value="Yes" id='one' />
    No: <input type="radio" name="cemp1" value="No" id='two' />

    Job position(s): <input type="text" name="emp1position" size='40' />

    <input name="cmdSubmit" type="button" value="Submit Application" onclick="doSubmit()" >
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    Instead of
    if (!document.applynow.cemp1.checked)

    try giving

    if(!document.getElementById('one').checked && !document.getElementById('two').checked)

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