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    C++ Programmer Needed! Short project, <= 1000 lines of code

    Hi Guys

    I have recently taken on a project to put some semi-autonomous features into an RC of mine. In particular its a 1/8 scale monster truck. I'm doing this to test out a small SOC I have just finished designing. I say small but this thing is a lot for one person it includes a 32bit RISK processor( Which I designed from the ground up, every module in it), a I2C master controller, a SPI master controller, a RS232 UART, Pulse Width Modulators, Pulse Width Modulation Encoders, and 32 bit bus interface. After all of that was complete I had to write code to test the system on the FPGA I'm prototyping the ASIC on. I've written several programs and things seem to be working fine. I'm at the point now where I need to begin writting programs which are a little more intense, to really stress the processor's capability and to be frank from a more independent perspective.

    This brings me to the reason for this post, I was wondering if any of you guys wanted to participate. I'm in the phase of my project, where I need to test moderate scale applications on the system to draw out those corner case bugs that I know are hidden there somewhere. So what I need is an application to sort of semi-automate the break in process of this truck. I pasted in a link below which should lead to a website where you'll find a short description of the break-in process. All of the necessary hardware is there, I just need the application (program) to begin testing. Let me know if this sounds like something any one of you or a group of you would be interested in.

    Short Description
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