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    Question read/write data to an XML file..???

    Hi to all....

    How do I read and write data to an XML file???

    thanks for any reply....
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    From what?

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    Hi Oliver
    The System.XML namespace defines XMLReader and XMLWriter classes. See http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...er(VS.80).aspx
    XML is fundamentally just plain text with a bunch of tags, much like XML.
    If you want, you can treat a .xml file just like a text file, opening it StreamReader and writing with StreamWriter, for example. If all you need is to extract a few key strings from a file, this works well and can be a bit faster if the document is large. I wouldn't generally try to write an xml file as a text file, though; I'd use something from System.XML to make sure the document structure doesn't get broken.
    Stephen Lowe
    disclaimer: Though I work for Microsoft as an Architect\Developer Evangelist, my opinions (and occasional errors) are my own.

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