Ok, I have figured out a couple things:

Regarding parameters being passed to a service. The parameters in the
property page of the service within the Service Control Manager do not
persist. The parameters only get passed to the OnStart method if started
from the property page. However, I did determine that by using a command
line parameter my Main procedure would get the information I needed to my
component. Although I could not figure out how to install the service with
a command line parameter so I had to edit the registry entry to include the

So now my questions are as follows:
1) Using the tools available in .NET, is it possible to create a service
installer class that takes a parameter. This parameter would then be used
to specify the command line parameter for the service itself.
2) I still am unable to install the same exe as multiple services so any
insight would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Tony Fountain, MCSD