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    Combo box and Text Box binding using Access

    I have a combo box that populates with customers from an Access DB, I have the value member set as the customer code. I also have a few textboxes that I want populated with some more infomation from the database, Customer number, address, etc. How can I bind the text boxes so that when I select a customer from the combo box, the related infomation fills the text boxes?

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    Make sure to drag down the additional fields within the query designer for the
    combobox's row source property, Then set the control source for each related
    text box to: = combobox1.Column(1) or (2) or ...
    Where Column(0) is CustomerID, Column(1) is the next item, and so on...

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    Here is a small Contact And Vendor Forms Example Where you can
    reference additional fields from the combo box record source.

    Requested by jchristensen
    Last edited by Ron Weller; 05-30-2008 at 10:17 PM.

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    Thumbs up Just what I needed....

    I was trying to use a query as a rowsource for a combo-box and also send data to a text box simultaneously, but the only thing that ever updated was the combo-box. Your solution fixed things right up! I had to think about it for awhile before I understood the why of it. When using a query as a source for a control, all of the data generated goes to the bound control. Using the query to also populate a text box meant that either a.) a separate instance of the query was started which had generated no data because it didn't have any input from the combo-box, or b.) the second instance of the query never actually ran because there was nothing to initiate it. Either way the text box received no data; but thanks to your solution my form is now functioning properly and I have a better understanding of how Access operates.

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