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    Automatically print Crystal Report within Windows application using VB.NET

    I am rewriting an existing VB 6 application which prints a label using a Crystal 7 report. It does not display the report, but merely uses it for the outline of the label. The report is stored in the application path. Currently, the VB 6 application has a reference to the Crystal Report object. I do not see this available reference within VS 2005.
    I am not very familiar with working with Crystal Reports within .NET.
    I am trying to include a Crystal report into my VB.NET project that will not be displayed, but just called to print a label.
    Do I need to include the report in my project? I do not know what references and how to include this into the project. Ideally I would just like to use the report as a shell and have the data source already populated. Can I still store it in the application path?
    Any help is greatly appreciated as I am stuck a bit.

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    Welcome to DevX

    This sample project might help.


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    Thanks for responding Hack. I have seen this solution when searching for answers, but it does not fit my situation. My situation seems to be unique because I am using the crystal report for the outline / format of a printed label. It is NOT displayed within the application, so I would not have a form with a report viewer on it.

    The old way in VB 6 application was to place the crystal report object on the form and then call the report located in app path. Report was tied to a specific table in the database. Table was populated by application.

    CR1.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\LBBundle.rpt"
    CR1.Destination = crptToPrinter
    CR1.DataFiles(0) = "bundles" & Hline
    CR1.Action = 1

    In .NET I am trying to find out if this same architecture is possible. I would like to model it the same way, but do not know how to use the crystal object to satisfy this need.

    Any help is appreciated and needed since I am a bit stuck.

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    just do
    cryRpt.PrintToPrinter(2, true, 1, 2);
    hope it will print your report


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