I have to build an application with VC++5 on win CE platform. The application needs one after the other input, display some & confirmation. Application also needs that by clicking up or down arrow, it should move to previous or backwards screen & let the user edit if required. I have worked on Mobile applications, but this platform is new for me.

My concerns regarding the matter :
1) How should I bring one after another dialogs; making so many dialogs will make the application heavy. What technique should be used to make the application small and fulfill the requirements. I believe & hope their must be some way to achieve this in a simple manner.
2) How to track the up, down, Ok, Cancel, Left , Right buttons/keys? Their must be something like VK_...., I ma not sure and don't know.

I think, that the screens need to go up or down, so, they must be saved in maybe an array. A Common dialog box can be made up and things can be worked or not? Please help me out to solve this confusion and make work easy but light too. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.