I have a problem in my Struts project.
I have 2 Action classes A.java and B.java.
A.java - Works on a Ticket. Login to an external system, gets data and does some processing.
B.java - Monitors A.java and displays the status (what A.java is exactly doing at that particular point of time)

The above works fine if I am running a single request.But it fails if I run concurrent request.

1) I run Ticket1 - A.java processes
2) I run Ticket2 - A.java processes
3) I run getCurrentStatus(Ticket1) // Stucks here.
4) I run getCurrentStatus(Ticket2)

The above concurrent request fetches the Status only when one of the Tickets is fully executed, which makes no meaning to getCurrentStatus().

Then I randomly tried to call multiple Action request in my project and tried to debug. First 2 request reach the server almost immediately and Threads are created, but third request reaches somewhat late (even though all the 3 request are calling same Action and are not dependant on any other Thread).

Can someone help me out in resolving this and let me know where am I going wrong.