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    Question JAVA/dotNET Cross Platform Development

    Hey fellas,
    I've got here some DevXXXtra challenge in here

    I need some some honest opinions about Java develop with dotNET together.

    I got some props from the JAVA fans apropos Mainsoft solution that should be doing Java dotnet integration properly. some page at the website says the solution should support a single-code base over dotnet and Java platforms. but I got to get some more unbiased opinions about that before really getting into the whole thing.

    They sure a big company with all those "official partners" like SUN and IBM - but I can't hang on politics
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    Welcome to DevX

    What you use to develop your application/web site should be dictated by the needs of your application/web site.

    Use the right tool for the job, and if the right tool is a combination of tools, then use them.

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    Java and .Net

    I have looked at using the mono project and also Mainsoft the issue is that all they provide is the ability to run .Net applications on a non windows server. They do not give you the ability to run applications on both java and .net environments. The other issue with Mainsoft is the ongoing licensing it is per server node I think.

    What I have tried but only as a prototype was use J#. I rewrote an application in J# and then ran it in .Net and also compiled it in java and it worked fine the issue is Microsoft are not supporting it much longer (Actually it is not available in VS2008 and will only be supported as long as VS2005 which is until 2015) and it only supports Java version 1.2.

    You need to look at your market and where your product is going to be used. There is a lot of hype from both camps and the Java vs .net will continue. I have worked with both and the have both good points and bad. You need to really chose one or the other and you decision needs to be based on who is going to use it. If it is in house the go with the one your developers are most comfortable with. If it is to be sold externally then you need to see what your market prefers and what your developers are most comfortable with.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the tips Hack

    For mark - thanks for you comment! did you used the Mainsoft tools? what you mean they not support it? their website says that's exactly what the tool done (Java with .NET)..
    It is not sounds likely for a tool with an specific goal - not to do what he aimed to.

    Would be glad to hear some more comments from senior members about it.

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