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    Jun 2008

    insert a vector into map

    I try to insert a vector consists of few items(5 items) into map

    suppose I have these vector

    I want to insert them into map container

    what I tried to do doesn't works as definition type (here is my problem)
    struct vect
    int v;
    int w;
    int x;
    int y;
    int z;

    typedef vect myVect;

    typedef std::map <myVect,int> myMap;
    typedef std::map<myVect,int>::iterator myMapiterator

    /// insert
    mymap.insert( pair<myVect,int>(vec,5) );

    can someone help how can I define a type could be inserted in map???

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    Oct 2007
    What error are you getting?

    I'm sure it's an oversight in typing, but you don't have a "{" in your definition of vect.

    I *think* you want to be doing something like this:

    myVect instance = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 };

    mymap[5] = instance;

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    Nov 2003
    First of all, what you have is an array, not a vector. Inserting an array into a map is possible but you need to associate each element of the array with an associated value. Alternatively, if you have a fixed sized array, you can wrap it in a class and insert objects of such class into the map using the [] operator.
    Danny Kalev

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