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Thread: SQL3

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    Simon Guest


    Can anyone recommend database engines (eg Oracle, DB2) and data modeling tools
    that support SQL3?

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    Robert Sundström Guest

    Re: SQL3

    In article <3ab589aa$1@news.devx.com>, "Simon" <simond@foxboro.com.au> wrote:
    >Can anyone recommend database engines (eg Oracle, DB2) and data modeling tools
    >that support SQL3?

    The standard you are refering to is these days called SQL-99. SQL3 was only
    the working name beofre it was settled.

    Unfortunately, there is no database engine currently offering a full support
    for SQL.-99. Some of them have implemented parts of it, others nothing. Mimer
    SQL is an engine that support parts of SQL-99. Among other things, this RDBMS
    support SQL-99 triggers, procedures, and information schema.

    Robert Sundström, Mimer RDBMS Product Development
    Upright Database Technology AB, http://www.mimer.com
    Mimer is the standardized RDBMS with optimistic concurrency control

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