Hello to everybody,
My problem consist in the accessing to a SQL DB (DB2) using a Websphere
server. My application is written in Java language and it executes several
queries on the DB. Initially everything is OK, i.e. the queries are correctly
executed when overnight, the queries execution (not the connection to the
DB) throws the following exception:
"Exception: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1040N The
maximum number of applications is already connected to the database. SQLSTATE=57030"
I always execute a query in the following way:
a-)I excute the connection by the method DriveManager.getConnession() (with
the right parameters).
b-) I retrieve the statement using the method createStatement() called on
the connection object
c-) I execute the query and I retrieve the datas using the object which comes
from the query statement, as written on the Sun documentation.
d-) I close, by the close() method, either the connection and the statement

e-) I execute again the query as I've described above if I need to do another
query on the DB
I believed it was a problem related to the Websphere server configuration
so I've tried to set the number of the total connections opened at the same
time to 100, from 25 as default, without any result.
Thank you very much to everybody who will help me.

Vacca Davide
Methosystem S.r.L.
Via VIII Marzo Collecchio (PR)