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    Uploading Files from HTML using JSP and Java

    I know there are 3rd party controls created, included a few by apache to upload a file to the server. But my issue is that a control has been created by a client of mine (it's a non-paying project, just for practice) and they have provided me with the upload and download signature for the class which are below:
    void downloadFileFromServer(String remoteSource, java.io.File destination)
    void uploadFileFromClient(java.io.File Source, String remoteDestination)
    I know i have to create an input with type=file. But what I don't know how to get the file from request object and pass it on to the FileUploadDownload class created by my client as File object.

    I don't know anything about JSP but I have been learning Java for the past few weeks but any example will be helpful. While searching online, all the forums talk about using a 3rd party control but none of them actually provided any explanation of how I can get from the user machine to File or any other object.

    I have also tried to follow this example but there is still no way to get from bytes to file, especially since File and bytes are completely different things.

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