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    Need to build JAva Web Application

    Dear developers,

    I lay my apologies if my question do not relate to current category.

    I am new to Java and trying to build a Java web application where i can use beans (to configure a database connection as well as my database entities) and JSP to present data through beans.

    I have tried many tutorials but none of them is really helpful. So i look forward your assistance in order to build my own application .

    For example i do have an application where i can keep the records of my submitted applications to the companies.

    It would be great if your solution encompasses following products.

    WTP Eclipse IDE

    PS: If you have any other possible solution for rapid application development point of view please furnish me with them as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to DevX

    What, specifically, as you asking for help in? Connecting to a database? Manipulating data in the database? Building screens/pages?

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    My advice is use Grails!
    Very simple and automatically creates the beans for you, all you have to do is configure a datasource file and your off and running. Best of all it creates an Eclipse project for you!

    No need to re-invent the wheel if all you have to do is display DB info to web users grails is the way to go.
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    thanks for your replies. I think its time to give more detail.

    Actually i am trying to learn how one can build dynamic web pages and upto what level in terms of complexity and security, an application could be e.g. from my server beans i could have datbase calls over SSL.

    In order to have some experience i like to develop such kind of web application. i like to have every thing means business logic at server and presentation at client :-). And about my database address only server should know. For that purpose i came across with JSP as servlets are difficult to learn (perhaps i dont like them...whatever) so i have learnt it. Meantime i got the idea why i cant separate my business logic in beans or some kind of other classes those i can place at server. Today i read a new article about using struts framework for building web application with combination of hibernate. I found it interesting. As i have already mentioned, i do not want to start with very complex application. I like to have just a basic level of web application that use JSP pages for presentation, beans for logic and database as storage. Lets give you a example. I got page to request my applications detail at presentation. Now that request will firstly establish a database connection through server side beans. then few classes( i dont know should those be beans or not to represent my logic at server side) like get all records those represent submission of application with attached files (just an idea, here i mean cover letter, resume etc.... ). So could you guys tell me the best idea according to your experience how the design should be as well as little start like how can i make a bean within eclipse to establish a database connection on jsp page request.

    Thanks once again....


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