I'm pretty new with Visual Studio 2008 but have done VB6 development for the past 8 years straight.

I'm trying to figure out how to rewrite a couple of personal VB6 apps. at home just for fun and for a learning experience w/VB 2008.

I typically don't retrieve any data into my VB apps. w/just straight SQL queries... I always utilize stored procedures in SQL and call those via the VB apps... much cleaner VB coding that way in my opinion.

(I'm talking about Windows Forms development here... just an FYI...)

I can't for the life of me figure out the exact syntax that I'll need to use in Visual Basic 2008 in order to (for example) retrieve a list of values, let's say, into a combobox. I can do that in my sleep in VB6, but I'm just behind the learning curve w/the syntax in .NET to do that.

Anyone have any specific code snippets/examples that they could post for me in knowing the appropriate syntax to use in retrieving records into a recordset in VB.NET via a SQL Server stored procedure?

Many thanks!