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    Excel VBA - Resize List (At Least That Is What I Think I Need)

    I have a list that is set to a defined range in the one spreadsheet.

    I need to add a new rows to this list, so after doing so, I figured what I would need to do in order to add the new rows to the existing list was Data/List/Resize List

    The problem is Resize List is disabled.

    So, if I have a List named "Hack" which goes from A1:B42 and I need to add three rows and now need "Hack" to go from A1:B45, how do I do that?

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    All you need to do is to insert the new rows just before the last entry in the existing list.
    This will expand the list automatically. If you need the new items at the end of the list then move the value of the last item back up to the first new row then just set the new values in the bottom rows.

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    Actually, I stumbled across an article which lead me to believe that I'm not really dealing with a list, but with a named range.

    After adding what I needed to add, I did: Insert/Name/Define - then I selected the appropriate range name, and extended the end range accordingly.

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