Hi all,

I am using ViewONE, which is a Java applet that allows viewing documents, images, etc... on web pages.

The existing code is forcing the Java applet to be started and destroyed every time a user clicks on a document which causes the page to freeze after opening multiple documents.

The existing code uses *frames* as follows:

Frame # 1: Has all the documents in a list (Being red from the DB).
When the user clicks on a document from the list.

Frame # 2: populates the document (Runs the applet).

Could someone assist me on how fix this issue please?

Main issue: Using JavaScript to open document without start/destroy applet every time.

If anyone needs to look at the code please let me know and I'll post it.

The ViewONE provides many helpful JavaScript functions to use the applet but I can get it to work. Here is the manual with all JavaScript functions:

Thank you in advance.