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    Aug 2008

    VB 5 /6 Problem Plz Help

    hello Friends
    I got a Problem with VB5 and Vb6.
    In office where i m doing Job they Have been running a Project of Visual Basic 5. I Made a New Software for some other Purpose in VB 6.
    As i know Vb6 cant be installed on a machine where VB5 already installed. You have to remove VB5 First. But if Vb6 is installed on a Machine then you Can Install Vb5 also on the same machine...
    The Problem Is if i remove VB5 from a machine and install it again after installing VB6 it dont let me view crystal Reports.
    it shows every account balance nil.
    is there any way that i could run both Project on same machine or is there any Vb5 update that could run Vb6 project without installing full Vb6.

    Kindly Help me

    Babar Salman Haider

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Welcome to DevX

    The simplest solution is to have two development machines. One with VB5 and the other with VB6.

    Once you have compiled your Exe, it won't matter which it was written in. You just need to protect the source code.

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    Aug 2008
    Actually there is one more problem i m unable to find Cd with Compiler. I tried many CD's But every time i try to run Compiler its Shuts Down Vb Application

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    There isn't anything you can do about that except:

    1. Find the CD
    2. Purchase another copy.

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