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Thread: Combo options from recordset

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    Exclamation Combo options from recordset

    I need to populate a combo box options list from data gathered via recordset on an iSeries. Currently, I populate all combo boxes on the page (25) by ASP recordsets on page load. This takes an incredible amount of time. I want to try and reduce the user wait time by using AJAX and load the options on a focus or onkeydown or onclick event handler. I am just unsure how to do this. I have tried several ways and been unsuccessful.

    Can anyone push me in the right direction for this please?


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    Welcome to DevX

    What have you tried that hasn't worked?

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    Aug 2008
    I have included ASP pages in the head that run the query and write out an XML file that I then use to populate the combo boxes. This takes the same amount of time though. (I am assuming since they are includes in the header) I have tried to trigger the asp page to run/open with an onclick, onfocus and onkeydown event with javascript. but it doesn't write the xml file in time for the combo box to populate and gives me invalid xml file errors.

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